Get to Work! How to Make Your Home Office a HUGE Selling Point

According to a survey, 63% of respondents planned to buy a new home due to the ability to work remotely. Workforce analysis shows that by the end of 2021, even after the COVID pandemic has subsided slightly, as many as 30% of employees will work from home for at least part of the week.

As such, desire for home listings featuring a home office are in high demand and more likely to sell. Particularly with the number of people relocating out of larger cities, the housing market is picking up and homes are selling for much higher price tags than normal.

If you are looking to sell your home now, or anytime in the near future, having a good home office is a major selling point. Having a dedicated home office space, rather than just a desk in the bedroom or a corner of the kitchen counter, is also hugely helpful while still living where you are.

Especially if you are planning to continue working remotely in the future, making your home office a usable, functional, and well-designed space should be a priority!

At Office Upgraded, we are working from home too, so we understand what is important and what should be considered when renovating your home office!

Key Tips

Here are a couple of key tips you should keep in mind and consider when setting up your home office!

Pick a Quiet Area

First, make sure to pick a quiet area. There is nothing worse than being in a meeting with the dogs barking at the mailman, kids playing in the background, or other family members going about their (loud) daily lives.

So, when you are selecting a room or place to add a home office, make sure you pick a quiet area. If there is an upstairs corner that isn’t used often, that is a great place. The third bedroom that never gets used and is on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen? Also good.

If you already have a room set up as an office, but it is near noisy areas, there are a few noise cancelling tips you can implement. 

  1. Add carpets and cloth furniture – this will help damper noise and make your office a comfy space. 
  2. If there isn’t already a door, add one. Otherwise, keep the door closed to cut down on noise as much as possible. 
  3. Add an “on a meeting” sign to the doorway – this simple label just might keep your family a little quieter.
Take Advantage of Unused Space

If you’ve managed to find a quiet space, take advantage of any unused space that is available within that area. While size isn’t everything, it is nice to have an office that isn’t crammed in a closet or tiny side table in the living room (been there, done that). 

Taking advantage of unused space has a couple of key advantages: 

  1. You can add more storage, be that bookcases or an extra large desk with wider drawers.
  2. Your office could include a small couch or chair, letting you relax without leaving the room. 
  3. Having a larger space can be more visually appealing when showing your house to potential buyers – nothing looks good when it is crammed with stuff and tiny to begin with. 
Stage Your Office Right

Along with taking advantage of unused space, you want to make sure to stage your office right. While having personal effects in your office is great while you live there, when showing your home to prospective buyers, it is better to add accessories like pillows, a nice blanket, small houseplants, and neatly kept bookcases.

Showing off storage, brightening the space with desk lights (or natural lighting if you are lucky), and adding comfortable furniture are all great ways to increase the potential of your office space and turn it into a huge selling point for your home.

Is This Going to Cost Me Money?

If you’ve managed to implement all of these tips, there might be a little bit of cost involved. But, according to an article by, anywhere from $400-$3,000 is an appropriate amount to spend. While you could spend more, it is unnecessary, and less beneficial to the price tag on your house. Leaving room for potential buyers to customize and change what they want has benefits, too.

If you run your own business, or consistently work from home, you might be able to make up for some of the cost by getting a home office tax deduction. For a little more detail on these guidelines and requirements, check out our article on “How to Know if You Qualify for a Home Office Tax Deduction.”

What to Keep in Mind

While updating your home might cost a little to begin with, there are ways to make that money back. Besides potential tax deductions, having a nice home office is great for your home value.

If you are looking to sell your home now, or anytime in the near future, having a good home office is a major selling point. Plus, while you still live in your home and use your office, increasing its functionality will only help you out at work!

If you want some design tips and tricks, check out our article on “Organization is Hard for Everyone.”

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