Office Accessories for You and Your Dog

Calling all pet lovers! When working from home, there is nothing more comforting than taking a break to give your dog a quick pet or treat. We know they love it, too! But, it can be hard to stay organized with a furry friend taking up space in your office.

That’s why Office Upgraded is going to help you find fashionable accessories, comfy beds, and cute treats to add to your home office. And, we aren’t only considering your dog’s comfort.

To begin, something as small as a paperclip can add character to your work. The BarkClip, an adorable, doggy-shaped paperclip helps turn any old paperwork into a cute and fun reminder of work to be done. These can be used as bag clips, bookmarks, or money clips, as well.

Not only can paperclips add character to your office, so can these Puppy Dog Prints in black and white. Easy to style, these pictures can add a fun touch to any room. Mix and match to fill empty wall space, or just buy one for the corner of your desk. If you have a special pet, try your hand at photography and make one of your own!

While paper clips and pictures are cute, this 2021 Planner is a functional tool, too. This Hardcover Cute Dogs planner includes 12 months of monthly pages, quality paper to reduce ink leakage, erase fraying, and shade issues, and a back pocket to hold cards. With that, and an elastic closure, this planner provides storage and safety when keeping track of your schedule.

Because all pups need treats, this cute Park Life Designs Manor Treat Jar from is a great choice for your office. (You can schedule some time to grab a treat in your new planner). In a neutral color (that even matches the beds coming up next) this dog treat jar offers 42-oz of storage to make your pet happy.

If you’re looking for something else functional, but more pet specific, these kennels for cats and dogs are functional, fashionable, and better for the environment. The Howly Pet Bed is a bed that offers both comfort and stability for your pet. In a variety of sizes and colors, this bed is perfect for cats or dogs of any size. Made in an environmentally friendly material, you don’t have to feel guilty about the additional purchase.

If you want a mid-century modern styled bed instead, the Pup & Kit Midcentury Modern Dog Bed is a perfect choice. Although waiting to be brought back in stock, this bed combines a midcentury style with comfort for your pet. If you need other modern style ideas while waiting, check out our article on The Most Popular (Modern) Interior Design Styles for 2021. As an unobtrusive addition to your office, this is an easy way to make your pet happy.

Including your dog in your work life has never been easier, with these treats, beds, and office decor items. Check out and for more options, and keep an eye out on our Pinterest page for featured articles.

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