Practical Home Office Storage Ideas

Having the right home office storage can make your study space appear neat, tidy and clutter-free. From floating shelves to filing systems, here’s some helpful tips to help you choose a creative storage solution for a functional home office to maximize space and your productivity. 

1) Choose floating shelves

A floating shelf is a great storage solution which utilizes wall space rather than taking up precious table surface.  It’s also a great way to add an elegant decorative display to your office without creating clutter.  Your collectibles can even become an art piece in their own right.

Decorative floating shelves – from $23.79

Hexagon-Shaped Floating Honeycomb Shelves – $34.99

WILLOW & GRACE DESIGNS Floating Shelves – $58.87

Books Organizer Shelf – $158.27

2) Opt for Built In Furniture

Need a long-term storage solution or furniture that fits in awkward spaces? You can elevate your home office to be a permanently tidy and sleek space with a fold away desk or a built-in bookcase. Upgraded features such as specialist finishes, inlays and marquetry will fit the dimensions of your study perfectly and they’re incredibly functional. 

Folding Wall-Hanging Table – $254.79

Furniture Willingham Wall Mount Folding Desk $109.99

Wooden-Life Wall Mounted Desk – $228.00

Sew Ready Multi-Use Craft Armoire – $213.63

3)  Hide the printer in plain sight

Nothing ruins the look of your home office more than a bulky printer overflowing with cables. The solution? Simply store your printer within reach but out of sight. Hiding tech in your home is a huge step towards creating a pulled together workspace at home.  As long as the power supply is integrated or hidden to avoid seeing any ugly cabling, this can be a big win.  Better still, wireless tech is the way to go altogether. This way, you can move printers between spaces and storage.


HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer $149.96

Canon Pixma TS3320 Black, Works with Alexa – from $54.88

Storage cabinets

3-Drawer Filing Cabinet in Aqua Design – from $148.99 (more colors)

Vari File Cabinet Roll & Lock with Caster Wheels$231.00

Wooden Multifunction Double Tiers – $39.99

Atlantic Furniture Printer Stand with Charging Station – $150.70

White Printer Stand with Charging Station $189.99 

4) Create a Filing System

Paper clutter can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re trying to quickly access vital information needed for your work. Creating an efficient filing system can help you to organize important files as well as enjoy a clean space. Filing systems can hide extraneous paper in the most sophisticated ways.  This is especially useful if you travel frequently by keeping things as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary stress.

Hanging File Box – Decorative Filing System – $29.99

Safco Products Vertical Desktop Sorter – $48.41

Collapsible Decorative Linen Filing Storage Set of 2 – $41.96

5) Fix a task light to the wall

If you are working in a small home office, instead of having a large freestanding lamp, opt for a task light. Task lights shine bright light on specific tasks, providing focused light where needed without taking up space. Having a desk light is a great idea, but trailing cables across your desk or taking up the extra room could clutter your table and mind. By securing your light to the wall you not only gain extra workspace, but you will also remove distractions and unnecessary objects. Having a clean and tidy desk space is the key to productivity.

Stone & Beam Black Accordion Arm Light – $80.27

SUSUO 360 Degree Rotatable Simplicity Swing Wall Lamp – $126.88

USB LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp – $57.80 

Arm Wall Lamp Plug-in Wall Sconces with Cord (Silver) – $69.99

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