The Best Buys for Your Home Office, Under $250

Working at home has become commonplace for many, particularly during the last year. Although you may now be used to taking calls in your kitchen, converting your home into an efficient, comfortable office space to cater towards a productive work environment can pose a challenge.

Considering this, Office Upgraded is providing you the best buys for your home office under $250. Even if you didn’t win our recent giveaway, hopefully you can find something useful to add to your remote work situation.

With comfort being one of the most important aspects of a successful work-life balance, one great purchase potential is a foot hammock. The Foot Hammock Under Desk Footrest is an adjustable sling meant for your feet. Aiming to ease comfort and support a comfortable and correct sitting position, this sling prevents back, foot, and hip pain while increasing circulation.

Not only does this come with a number of health benefits, it is adjustable, suitable for all desks, and made of durable, breathable fabric. For only $15.96, this footrest is a great purchase.

We don’t only want to consider comfort when working from home. When you aren’t sitting at your desk, a great purchase option is a standing desk, like the VIVO Standing Desk Converter, a height adjustable, dual-monitor laptop station.

Not only will this allow you to customize your work station, it is sturdy, holds multiple monitors, and is easy to adjust. By allowing you to choose and adjust the height of your workstation, this standing desk provides for productivity and focus for at home or back at work. Along with increasing productivity, this desk benefits your health by helping you avoid long, inactive stretches during your day.

To protect your desk from any damage, consider buying a waterproof desk pad that will double as a mouse pad and coaster. Something like the Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad from is easy to clean, large enough to cover your desk, and fashionable.

For one additional item to improve your productivity and ease the struggles of working from home, the SHAREWIN Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors provides a sleek surface with strong grip, allowing your desk chair to move without slipping. Made from healthy, durable materials, this floor mat is strong and protects your floor from scratches or damage.

If a mat isn’t enough, a small Faux Fur Shag Carpet is an easy way to customize your space. Great for small areas, this Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug is a comfy and cute decorative touch.

If looking for a more modern carpet, this Yome Machine Washable Area Rug is inexpensive, easy to clean, and comes in multiple sizes.

Why not make your space fun? While lava lamps might not be the rage right now, we can assure you they may come back in style. Either way, what better place to have a fun lamp than by your desk? This Lava Lite lava lamp from Amazon adds just the right decorative touch to any room, both illuminating and entertaining. With an iconic design and a multitude of colors, this would fit in with any style office.

If you are looking for something else to brighten your office, consider a set of artificial (or real, if you have a green thumb) succulents. Check out this set of 11 Mini Artificial Succulents to pick a new decoration for your office space. While these don’t come with pots, there are plenty of options available from places like,, or

Being partial to colorful notes, pens are an easy way to personalize your work and your work space. Although there are many options, these Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pens are ultra-smooth and come in 8 bright colors. At a low price of $3.94, it is easy to collect pens, pencils, and Post-It Notes to customize your work.

In addition to pens, if you are looking to stay a little more organized at work, a daily tear-off planner pad is an easy way to plan your day. Check out this Bliss Collections Daily Planner to get 50 sheets of tasks, to-do lists, and easy to organize notes. With plenty of room to write, this notepad will offer space to plan your day, your week, remember to give thanks and gratitude, and track your appointments.

Comfort, and safety, can both be concerns when working from home – and one can never be too careful with important documents. With the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Home Office Shredder, your old documents and credit cards are easy to dispose of. At only $37.99, this shredder is easy to start, easy to use, and safe.

Not only can you count on it to destroy any sensitive information, with it’s Thermal Protection and automatic shut off, you can feel secure having it in your home.

For additional shredder options, check out our article on The Shredders You Should Be Choosing From.

On the more expensive, but no less useful, end of the spectrum, this HP ENVY Pro Wireless Printer is a bestseller. With printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities, this printer offers a number of features for only $149.94. Not only that, but connectivity is one of the most useful features for an at-home office. With a Smart app through the App Store or Google Play store and voice control through Alexa, this printer is high-quality and easy to use.

As an added benefit, you can buy without guilt – the HP ENVY Pro is made from up to 20% recycled plastic.

Comfort, health, and safety can be some of the more complicated aspects of working from home. However, with a few new at-home office supplies, it is easy to improve your office environment.

Continue exploring our website for more recommendations, resources, and how-to office templates, and remember to enter for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.

Check out these items on Amazon:

  1. Lava Lite Lava Lamp
  2. Artificial Succulents
  3. Paper Mat InkJoy BallPoint Pens
  4. Daily Planner
  5. Foot Hammock Under Desk Footrest
  6. VIVO Standing Desk Converter
  7. Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad
  8. SHAREWIN Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors
  9. Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug
  10. Yome Machine Washable Area Rug
  11. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Home Office Shredder
  12. HP ENVY Pro Wireless Printer
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