The Top-Rated Home Office Chairs For 2021

Let’s face it, working from home has its challenges. Many people are realizing that replacing a makeshift office setup with a functional, well equipped workspace is becoming increasingly important, especially as the months wear on. 

Considering important items for productivity might include a standing desk, noise-cancelling headphones or even a Wi-Fi extender to help boost connectivity. 

A must have at the top of the list should also include getting a quality office chair. Because while a kitchen stool, the couch or even a dining chair might be fine to work from occasionally, only the best office chairs offer the comfortable support you’re really needing for working at home on a daily basis.

Before you start your search, there are a few factors to consider before investing in an office chair.  Initially, how much you’re really interested in spending is key.  If you’re only looking for a temporary solution, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market.

Next, you’ll want to think about the range of adjustments you need from your office chair in height, tilt and lumbar support.  Be sure to tailor the settings perfectly to your needs, ultimately avoiding the neck and lower back aches and pains that come with sitting in a less than comfortable chair for an extended period of time.

Also important, be sure to consider material (fabric, leather, faux leather) and then of course, style.

Take a look at our picks for the best office chairs available right now for a range of needs.

Here are Top-Rated Home Office Chair Picks Going Into 2021:

1) Best Office Chair Overall – $1,700.00

2) Best Budget-Friendly Office Chair – $352.50

3) Best Mid-Price Office Chair – $555.00

4) Best Office Chair For Small Spaces – $174.00

5) Best Ergonomic Office Chair – $633.06

6) Best Kneeling Office Chair – $88.83

7) Best Office Chair For Tall People – $1,201.00

8) Best Conference Chair – $105.99

9) Best Affordable Executive Chair – $209.99

10) Best Drafting Chair – $118.08

11) Best Designer Reproduction Office Chair – $299.50

12) Best Gaming Chair For Office Use – $449.99

13) Best Affordable Gaming Chair For Office Use – $117.99

1) Best Office Chair Overall:

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

“When Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, they combined a deep knowledge of human-centered design with never-before-seen technology to create a task chair unlike any other. Now Aeron has been remastered in practically every way, resulting in a piece that better supports people and the types of work we do today. “

From the designers at Herman Miller

2) Best Budget-Friendly Office Chair:

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair

The Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt. This chair is also constructed with a breathable mesh back that lets you stay cool and keeps posture in mind.

3) Best Mid-Price Office Chair:

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

Trying to do a modern take on your home office and trying to upgrade your office chair? Try the Herman Miller Sayl Ergonimic Office Chair that comes with a frameless suspension back which offers both support and freedom of movement. A few of the features of this chair are a tilt limiter, a stationary seat depth, arms, a black base and frame, as well as carpet casters.

4) Best Office Chair For Small Spaces:

SPACE Seating Professional Dark AirGrid Managers Chair

Are you looking for a comfortable, simple design to fit a small space, or just simply to take up less room without compromising comfort and functionality? This simple chair design is made just for you! This design features multiple ergonomic adjustments and includes 2-to-1 synchro tilt, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and angled adjustable arms.

5) Best Ergonomic Office Chair:

GM Seating Genuine Leather Ergonomic Headrest Chair

Looking for a slick executive genuine leather office chair? Look no further. This GM Seating genuine leather ergonomic headrest chair is just right for you! The leather seat and headrest will offer ultimate support for maximum comfort all day. It will also offer back support, and includes features such as tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle and seat height adjustment, as well as adjustable arm height.

6) Best Kneeling Office Chair:

Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

This sturdy and modern kneeling office chair could become your favorite go-to. This angled seat is made to improve your posture, the padded seating is designed for your comfort, and is designed to be supportive… and unique.

7) Best Office Chair For All, But Especially Those Who Are Tall:

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair

A chair created to go along with the natural body motions while working, moving, sitting. The first chair of its kind to support the way we use today’s technologies. It’s features include a headrest, lumbar support, and movement that imitate the human body.

8) Best Conference Room Or Office Chair:

Orren Ellis Renda Conference Chair

Upgrading your office or creating a conference room? These Orren Ellis Chairs are a great fit for any room. They are comfortable, functional, provide great support, and are a favorite all over.

9) Best Affordable Executive Chair:

Mercury Row Pinero Conference Chair

Looking for a bold modern upgrade that is both a statement piece and is comfortable? This Mercury Row office chair will offer you just that! With it’s five-wheel rolling base, you are a only a short smooth glide away from the printer, desk, conference table, and the coffee machine.

10) Best Drafting Chair:

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Drafting Chair

Are you an architect, designer, illustrator, or overall a creative person? This Flash Furniture drafting chair features an abundance of ergonomic features to keep you on task, productive, and comfortable.

11) Best Designer Reproduction Office Chair:

Laura Davidson Direct SOHO Soft Pad Management Chair

Rated as the #1 mid century modern office chair from Laura Davidson Direct. Made with commercial grade construction, it is durable yet comfortable and modern.

12) Best Gaming Office Chair:

Vertagear S-Line 2000

The Vertagear Racing Series SL-4000 chair redefines gaming chairs. It gives comfort, adjustability, for hours of gaming, programing, working. It’s density padding and contoured backrest will assure smooth sailing through any project.

13) Best Affordable Chair for Gaming and/or Office Use:

OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

Whether you are putting out fires in on a conference call or in virtual reality, this chair is for you! This leather upscale-look chair offers a variety of features that will bring you comfort all day.

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