Uncluttered, Cool, and Classy Desks for 2021

At Office Upgraded, we know that the “best” depends on your needs, style, and home-office set-up. The best desk is essential when working from home, participating in online schooling, or completing any other necessary tasks. Especially when considering the likelihood that many will be working at home for the foreseeable future, a great office desk is a must have.

That’s why we’ve collected a list of the best desks for your home office upgrades.

One fashionable, and affordable, option is the TOPSKY Computer Desk. With a large working surface that allows you to work on any project, shelves for storage, and adjustable feet caps for stabilization, this desk is the ideal choice for any home office.

Made of a thick and waterproof material, this desk is resistant to stains and scratches and comes with an easy access port for any cables. As pictured above, this easily openable grommet hole cover allows for easy install and access to technology and gadgets galore.

As one Amazon user says: “I absolutely love this desk. It’s huge and can easily fit my two monitors, a keyboard, my printer, my huge mousepad, my nintendo switch, and there’s still plenty of room for drinks/various other objects on the desk.” Need we say more about storage and space?

Check this desk out at amazon.com, and consider selecting the ‘expert assembly’ purchase option to take advantage of this easy installation option.

If looking for a more feminine option for your home office, the Novogratz Computer Desk offers optimal storage and style. To give your workspace a mid-century modern upgrade, this lightweight, easy to clean desk adds a trendy touch to your space. Not only that, like the TOPSKY Desk, this offers storage and easy cable organization.

Minimal assembly is required, so this desk is easy to add to any small home office or bedroom. At a price of only $106.92, one reviewer pointed out that “For the price I was NOT expecting much, but I was blown away from when I opened the box to when I finished setting it up!”

If you’re looking for something with even more space, the Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top Desk offers a durable, L-shape surface design to provide space for any office supplies. If you enjoy gaming in your free time, each side surface supports up to 50 lbs, has enough room to accommodate multiple monitors, and a keyboard tray.

Some of the pros that have been pointed out online:

  • Looks modern, sleek, and very professional
  • Plenty of room beneath and behind the desk
  • Support for multiple monitors and desktop computers
  • Provides a large amount of workspace
  • Superb packing

At only $99.20, this desk offers great benefits for an inexpensive investment.

An equally functional, but more expensive, alternative is the Jensen Desk from West Elm. Made with a solid wood A-frame base and a glass top, this clean, minimalist design makes the desk a perfect place to work. Simple, clean lines give this desk a mid-century modern style, and the 56″ width gives plenty of space for computers and office accessories.

Not only does this desk offer a number of aesthetic benefits, West Elm offers free design services, if you are in need of any other home office supplies. Recommended on their page:

  • The Round Modern Hanging Mirror in a natural tan color. This decorative mirror is a nice addition to the Jensen Desk, and offers interest to your blank office walls.
  • The Mid-Century Swivel Office Chair to match your desk. With multiple color choices and vintage charm, this chair offers comfort and convenience.

If you’re looking for a more flexible desk, or different style, the FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Desk is a great option. With a spacious work area and an electric height adjustable lift system, this desk provides plenty of space and functionality for any home office. Not only that, multiple people can use it! With an LED Memory control panel, you can program 3 desired desk heights. This can also be convenient to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day.

This desk can be set up in less than 60 minutes, and all of the FLEXISPOT desks are FCC and UL certified, ensuring safety and quality of the design.

Because sitting at your desk all day isn’t the best for your health, we have included a few other standing desk options.

  • The Vari Electric Standing Desk from Amazon sets the standard in quality, offering commercial-grade materials and quick 5-minute assembly. With 3 programmable memory settings, like the FLEXISPOT desk, this is perfect to share with a partner, spouse, or child.
  • The Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk provides a dual tiered surface, allowing you to customize your work area and utilize multiple monitors or laptops.
  • The FLEXISPOT M2MG allows you to rejuvenate and refresh your workspace, boosting productivity, creativity, and wellness. With one of the most spacious workspaces offered, either Flexispot desk option helps offer ergonomic solutions to increase your comfort and contentment when stuck in the office all day.

If interested in these desks, check out our article on The Top 3 Rated Standing Desks at officeupgraded.com. With workspace as a priority, a standing desk is a perfect option. Providing the ability to stand or sit, these desks maximize your health and minimize discomfort during the day.

With multiple desks listed, and multiple other options available from amazon.com, it is easy to find the perfect setup for your home office. Our goal is to make your office uncluttered, cool, and classy with the best desks from 2021. Check out our article on The Top-Rate Home Office Chairs for 2021 to find a chair to go with your new workspace.

Find all your desk options here:

  1. TOPSKY Computer Desk
  2. Novogratz Computer Desk
  3. Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top Desk
  4. Jensen Desk
  5. FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Desk
  6. Vari Electric Standing Desk
  7. Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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