3 Tips – How to Set Up a Home Office on a Budget

If you’re part of the growing remote-work population, you may be considering setting up a home office. This may feel like a daunting task, as most people don’t have a large budget to invest in designing an office. Without breaking the bank, we’re sharing functional home office ideas and simple design tips to make your new space feel practical yet stylish.  Whether you’re buying new or used furniture, here’s how you get started.

Decide on a Location 

When setting up a home office for remote work, the first thing you need to do is choose a location in the house. You’ll want to use a room that has enough space, receives plenty of sunlight and is out of the way from high-traffic areas.

Design a Functional Layout

Ask yourself what type of atmosphere you want for your home office. Many professionals enjoy an open layout, while breaking up the room with furniture and accessories can give a more high-powered feel to the office. Additionally, you may want to face your desk towards the window to enjoy natural light throughout the day, though you should check for any potential glare from the sun on your computer screen. As you think about what tech needs you’ll have in your home office setup, consider a design plan that ensures you have enough power outlets and a way to hide cords and wires around your desk. 

Must Haves for Your Home Office

After you’ve selected and cleared a space to set up your home office, it’s time to pick out furniture and other essentials. Remember, used furniture is always a great option. Here are a few must-haves for your new workspace, along with tips to improve the functionality:

  • A desk: Make sure you have enough space to work at your desk. There should be plenty of room for your computer and any other materials you’ll need throughout the day.
  • Desk chair: When choosing a desk chair, look for one with adjustable height and depth, lumbar support, a backrest and enough cushioning.
  • Book shelf and/or file cabinets: Based on your available space and how many books and papers you have, decide if one or both of these storage systems work for you.
  • Lighting: Set a warm atmosphere by adding a mix of desk and floor lamps to the room.
  • Technology: This includes a laptop or desktop computer, high-speed internet, a printer, an office phone and any conference or video call equipment. Common items that may be needed include: a tablet or laptop, wireless mouse, flat-screen TV or second desktop monitor, noise-cancelling headphones and a fast internet connection for more reliable video calls. When setting up your home office, make sure you are selecting pieces that are a good fit for your life and work style.
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