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Spending more time working from home is inspiring people to give their home office a modern makeover. Outfitting the space in modern interior design works well because it transforms the space using function and style.  Unfortunately, creating a home office is sometimes easier said than done. Maybe your current home office is outdated, not your preferred style, or it needs a makeover.  Have a small home office? No worries! Even for those with limited space, there are ways you can update your home office to keep your creativity pumping long after social distance guidelines end.

Here are a few suggestions to follow from our interior design experts:

Go Dark and Sleek

Many home offices stick to whites, creams, and grays. Make your space stand-out by choosing darker hues and a moody finish. You don’t need to re-paint your current office to capture this modern home office style. Instead, find furniture, rugs, and home décor that set the tone.You can even add aromatic candles, stack darker colored books, and incorporate artwork that adds a touch of drama to the space.

Try Light and Bright

So maybe you aren’t exactly the dark and moody type. Light and bright office décor can easily change up the vibe and bring a fresh feel into your workspace. To accomplish this look add plenty of light fixtures, shiny metallics, an array of mirrors, and select natural materials over synthetic.  The light and bright home office trend works great in spaces with lots of natural light. 

Think Minimal

Another trick that makes modern home office design so appealing is the simplicity of the look. Just by using thought-provoking pieces with interesting details and a hint of sophistication, you can create a modern & minimal look. Try to find pieces with multiple functions to limit the amount of accoutrements you pack into the space. Also, be sure to remove anything that feels heavy or too bulky.

Incorporate Storage

One of the main struggles of any home office is keeping things organized. Try to get ahead of the issue by selecting modern & contemporary furniture that acts as storage as well. If you have the space, add a bookcase or cabinet that you can arrange stylishly and store important documents and books. Other storage options include floating shelves, built-ins, baskets, etc.

Add Greenery to Your Space

Breathe life into your space by bringing the outdoors inside your home.  Boost productivity and morale by including  greenery and sweet smelling flowers. Several options can accommodate your space, whether its low light, medium, or large. Start small and find what works for you.

Make It Personal

The last tip our experts have for homeowners updating their home office is adding a personal touch. Throw in a few family portraits, your favorite quote in a frame, or whatever you need to feel at home. Make these pieces something special that can help you keep going when you want to stop for the day. 

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