Fitness is Productive, Too

Whether you have been a long time gym junkie who is now stuck at home, or are just getting started, Office Upgraded has a few tips and tricks to make it easier to exercise at home.

With minimal time, and since most people don’t want to drop a large sum of cash on equipment, working out can seem like a daunting task. But, with these ten tips, Office Upgraded has got you covered.

First, you need to designate a space in your home to exercise. Of course, not everyone has an extra room, or space in the garage. Even if you have to move aside the living room couch for half an hour, choosing one space to stay consistent will serve as a reminder of your commitment.

If you get in the habit of working out every day, even walking by your designated space should trigger a reminder to continue this trend.

If you have a space to workout, it is also a good idea to invest in some equipment. A few starter pieces can include:

  • A yoga mat, like this YogaAccessories Thick High Density Deluxe Non-Slip Mat from Amazon. With a number of colors available, this mat gives you double-sided non-slip texture to provide comfort and stability. Perfect for pilates, yoga, or to add some comfort while doing sit ups, this mat is a great addition to your workout space.
  • A resistance band is a great way to get started. This TheraBand Resistance Band Loop Set is a great place to get started. With a few band options, and fun colors to choose from, this is sure to help get you motivated and ready to embrace your fitness journey.

Plus, these bands are ideal for a variety of exercises, including pilates, yoga, strength training, upper body workouts, and lower body workouts.

Check them out at

  • If you are looking for something a little more extreme, this TRX GO Suspension Trainer System is lightweight, portable, and offers full body workouts for all fitness levels. Plus, the set comes with two workout guides and a training poster.

According to TRX, this gives you the power to strengthen your core, increase endurance, build muscle, burn fat, and improve your flexibility. Whether you have been a lifelong athlete, or never picked up a weight before, these offer gentle, but effective workouts.

  • And, if you would rather have a traditional weight set, these JFIT Dumbbell Pairs offer a great starting point. With sets available from 2 to 74 lbs, these are perfect for any exercise routine. Coated with neoprene, they are comfortable to hold, won’t damage your floors, and are easy to set down without the risk of them rolling away.

The fun color options certainly won’t hurt your motivation!

Of course, with all of these options you don’t want to get overwhelmed, or take up too much space. It is typically best to keep your equipment minimal. Having a routine, a set group of equipment you like to use, and a space to complete your exercise will increase your motivation (and the likelihood of continued workouts). If you get things, like weights, that are easy to use, you can bring them with you during travel.

Or, you can mix it up a bit and take a trip to the backyard. A little yoga outside never hurt anyone!

Once you have your equipment, there are a few things you should include in your workout. An effective fitness program, according to, includes:

  1. A warmup
  2. A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout
  3. Resistance (strength-building) exercises
  4. Flexibility moves
  5. A cool down

A warmup is easy, involving something like a walk outside or on a treadmill. Otherwise, get your heart pumping with a few jumping jacks and some moving stretches.

As far as aerobics, go for a run, jump rope in the living room, or do some high-knees.

For resistance, that is where your bands and weights come in. Otherwise, pushups, crunches, and squats will do the job.

If you’re looking to improve flexibility, take a yoga class or two. There are a number of great YouTube channels and yoga studios available.

Finally, a cool down can include stretching, a slow walk around the block, or a swim if you have a pool available.

If you have a space and have your equipment, but are still struggling to get motivated, start by getting dressed! Putting on gym clothes will help you feel like an athlete, and act like one. Any excuse to buy new clothes is a good one, and one of the best motivators is a reward. If you meet your exercise goals for the week, go pick up a cute tank top or a pair of leggings.

A couple great places to get clothes:

  1. Athleta
  2. Lululemon
  3. Target

The next best thing, aside from clothing, is staying motivated by using an app to track your exercise. If you’re looking to stay on track, there are a ton of tools available. Many measure your progress, give you workout ideas, and can help track calorie intake.

A couple great options include BodySpace, Nike+, and MyFitnessPal. 

BodySpace is available on iOS and Android phones, and allows you to build workout programs. Otherwise, if you are just getting started, you can follow custom workouts that have already been created. With availability of videos and training, you can make sure you are completing all your moves safely.

This one is perfect if you want to work on your weightlifting skills.

Nike+ is also a great app, perfect for running. This app allows you to compete with friends, track your mileage, time, and route, and get audio feedback if you wear headphones. Also available on iOS and Android, this is especially useful if you have a fitness watch to wear while running. (Of course, we wouldn’t suggest doing that in your living room)!

Finally, MyFitnessPal is a great app for tracking health, food, and wellness. Easy to use, you can scan barcodes or enter meals into a tracker, get feedback on nutrition, and browse new recipes. Plus, with a number of workout videos available, this allows you to synchronize your eating and exercise.

Along with an app to keep you motivated, you should find a partner. Be that partner, your neighbor, friend, colleague, or spouse, having someone to workout with has a number of benefits. On one hand, they will keep you accountable. Having a schedule for partner runs or workouts makes it harder to decide to stay in bed. And, having a partner makes it more fun, especially if you are just getting started and they have more experience.

A partner can help keep things interesting, as can mixing up your workout routine. Try giving yourself a couple exercises to choose from everyday. These can include yoga routines, working on different parts of your body (abs, butt, arms, or legs), or taking a gym class every now and then.

If you’re looking to mix up your workout routine without leaving the house, take advantage of “exergames” or video games for exercise. Some of these include EA Sports Active, Everybody Dance, and Gold’s Gym Dance Workout.

Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus also offer great options to get fit and lose weight without a lot of effort. Making your exercise fun is one of the best ways to stay motivated and keep at it. 

Finally, our final bit of exercise advice here at Office Upgraded is don’t give up. Cheesy as it sounds, it is easy to start off positive, workout everyday, but end up wearing yourself out in the long run. Be forgiving, take an off day at least once a week, and do your best to enjoy yourself. All of those things, and the motivational tips and tricks we suggested above will help keep you fit and avoid the desire to give up.

For a concise list of our suggestions, take a peak below. 

  1. Designate a workout space
  2. Invest in some equipment
  3. Keep your equipment minimal
  4. Create an effective fitness program
  5. Start by getting dressed
  6. Use an app to track your workouts
  7. Find a partner
  8. Mix up your workout routine 
  9. Take advantage of ‘exergames’
  10. Don’t give up

Plus, here are some products and apps to check out: 

  1. YogaAccessories Thick High Density Deluxe Non-Slip Mat
  2. TheraBand Resistance Band Loop Set
  3. TRX GO Suspension Trainer System
  4. JFIT Dumbbell Pairs
  5. BodySpace
  6. Nike+
  7. MyFitnessPal
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