Plants (and Plant Care) for Your Home Office

House plants add a welcome touch of nature to your home office, brightening the room and adding a touch of decoration. There are many low-light, easy maintenance plants that can be grown even in the smallest of home offices.

One, the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), is a great choice indoors because they are so easy to grow. In brighter spots they will flower, but even with indirect light in the fall and winter they add a bright green color to the room. Also, if they ever get too big for your office, they can grow outside just as easily.

Ansel & Ivy sells a Peace Lily and pot for $46, a small fee considering the plant is already happy and healthy. With air-purifying powers, this plant is perfect for your home.

To care for this plant, keep the soil damp, but not soggy. Typically Peace Lilies do well in temperatures between 60°F and 77°F.

If you are looking for something even more low-maintenance, a small number of succulents are perfect. Many, like the Zebra Plant, Burro’s Tail, and Aloe do well in low-light conditions and are easy to care for. With a little fertilizer in the Spring or Summer, these plants are sure to succeed.

Amazon and Succulent Studios offer a number of options for indoor plants, including the three succulents pictured above. Additionally, check out Succulent Studios for a $10, 2-plant monthly subscription!

The Snake Plant (Sansevieria), is also easy to grow. However, according to, they don’t like to be overwatered or left in drafty, cold areas. In order to keep these plants happy, water every few weeks and let them dry out completely between waterings, especially during the winter months.

Amazon has a pretty snake plant, available in multiple sized pots.

With a variety of plants to choose from, it is easy to find one that fits your home office and is easy to care for. In general, these plants are simple to care for, with a few steps:

  • Water once the soil is dry
  • Put in medium to low-sunlight
  • Keep in moderate temperatures indoors

If you need more advice, or more plant options, check out this article: Best Indoor Plants for Your Home or Office. And, for decor ideas to go with your new additions, keep looking for more Office Upgraded articles.

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