The Most Popular (Classic-Chic) Interior Design Styles for 2021

Branching off of our article on The Most Popular (Modern) Interior Design Styles for 2021 interior design can come in a variety of styles, not all of them modern. Understanding what you like, and your personal preferences, is one of the first steps in creating a home-office space that you will enjoy for as long as you are working from home.

With a multitude of styles to choose from, and distinct flavors of interior design, we are here to clarify and help you understand all the options available.

Leaving from our last article on industrial styles, we will now give some insight into the Modern Farmhouse Style, one of the top favorite contemporary interior design trends in Europe and North America. With key features based off the warm and nostalgic charm of cozy farmhouse interiors, this design is all about ‘feeling at home‘ in a clean and welcoming space.

This style generally utilizes traditional décor, repurposed items, and natural materials that contribute to a combination of a charming vintage and rustic appearance. Space is kept uncluttered, yet cozy and functional, with soft, neutral tones and decorations. Combining cozy and contemporary, this style is a fantastic home office choice. Throw a cozy chair and rug in the corner for when you have time to relax, and repurpose an old table for your desk.

A similar trend, the Rustic Style balances a classical simplicity and the irresistible charm of a family home in the country. Whether you live in the middle of New York City, or a small town, this style is sure to fit in and bring you comfort during your work day. The rustic style color palettes vary from darker shades of brown to whitewashed tones of neutral colors. Decoration features lots of hand-crafted, salvaged, or repurposed items made of wood, leather, natural fibers, wicker, and wrought iron.

If you are in the market for new furniture, typically the rustic style caters to sturdy structures and classic design. A dark-stained timber matched with upholstery of natural leather and rougher fabrics is the perfect combination. Choosing a dark, heavier desk and complimenting with lighter furnishings in other areas could give your office a focus and style.

If you have any old cameras you were looking to display, a shelf above your desk is out of the way, safe, and pretty. With darker wood and vintage decorations, this image perfectly depicts a more rustically styled office.

Moving from modern to traditional, the Transitional Style features solid furniture items of a larger size and structure, a focus on comfort, and a neutral color palette. Focussing on monochromatic walls, ceilings, flooring, and upholstery, the transitional style takes advantage of colors ranging from deep taupe to warm tan or vanilla. Adding both coziness and depth, this is a perfect style for slightly larger office spaces. With enough room for a large desk as a centerpiece, and a few cans of paint, this easily achievable style is sure to warm up and revitalize your home.

Taking a slightly different turn, the Traditional Style turns to the past to create and celebrate ideas for the future. Wingback chairs, elaborate furniture pieces, clawfoot tables, and other furniture lead one to envision an old english library. With origins in the 18th century English, Neoclassical, French Country, or Colonial styles, these rooms typically have pale and simple backdrops with rich colors, lines, and profiles bringing classical opulence into the space.

Perfect for any older home, this style is easy to blend into any design. With cream walls and richly colored furnishings, a nice desk and chair will go a long way.

Transitioning from opulence to warmth and character, the Country Style is meant to evoke the warm embrace of a timeless cottage. With a number of roots to pick from, English, French, Tuscan, or Scandinavian, for example, these spaces bring together comfort, fluidity, and balance. Cozy is key, and balancing wood, pottery, and organic materials will make your office an intimate and welcoming place to be productive.

Imagine a grandmother’s cottage, and bring that imagery into your home. You can combine that image with more modern furniture, blending new and old.

Last, but certainly not least, the Shabby Chic Style reinterprets traditional British aesthetics to create feminine visual statements. Soft cotton and French linen are drawn out in fluid designs that explore the pastels to perfection.

Drawn out in markedly light and airy spaces, this style strikes a distinctive balance between the weathered country look of an English cottage and the delicate indulgences of more classical influences. The result? A romantic vibe with a penchant for the finer things in life.

This time-worn look is celebrated as a collection of vintage elements; even new furniture is given a distressed look to soften the overall look, feel, and tone of the interiors. Any old furniture, or new, repurposed furniture, can be given a new life in this chic style. Combining soft colors with more traditional furniture makes it easy to balance a professional and comfortable atmosphere to create your perfect at-home office space.

With a wide selection of styles, furniture choices, and colors, any of these styles can give a new life to your office space. And, if creating a new office for an at-home job, you want to get it right the first time. These guidelines will help ensure you pick the perfect style for your space and will help you achieve visual perfection with a lot less hassle.

If you are looking for a more modern take on your office space, check out our Office Upgraded article on The Most Popular (Modern) Interior Design Styles for 2021. If you need some new furniture options or other inspiration, keep exploring our website.

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