What You Really Want at Work – the Best Job Features and How to Find Them

Finding the perfect job can be a tough task, especially if you are balancing working from home and a life outside of work, on top of your search. We completely understand! Not everyone has time to search for jobs, not everyone has found the perfect job yet, and some people aren’t sure where to start.

That is where we come in. Here at Office Upgraded, we understand the struggles of finding a good place to work, and figuring out what you really want from a job.

That is why we have collected a list of the best job features, and how to go about finding them. Keep reading for a quick guide to what to look for to maximize your happiness and job satisfaction, plus tips on what makes the perfect job.

What Makes a Job Good?

We all know that a good salary is important, that a fancy title makes you smile when telling people about your job, and perks, like health insurance and vacation days, are great for morale. But, aside from the obvious, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Find Work that is Engaging

You want to make sure to find work that is engaging. Having engaging work makes your work more enjoyable, helps maintain your attention, and gives you a sense of value and belonging in the company.

When you are engaged and working on a team, you feel as though you are helping the company, succeeding personally, and making a difference.

Find Work that You Are Good At

While learning is always going to be a part of your job, it is best to choose something that is engaging and caters toward your skill set. If you already have a background of understanding in your typical work tasks, you can expand upon those and learn as you go.

The advantage to finding work that you are good at and passionate about is that you can feel as though you are doing a good job while still engaging in challenging work that requires learning and improving your skills.

Find a Job that Gives You the Opportunity to Grow

That being said, while you want to find something you are good at, you also want to find something where you have room for growth.

Especially in today’s environment, nobody wants to be stuck in the same job, doing the same things, for the rest of their life. That is why room for growth is so important.

This has two typical features: 

  1. Room for growth in your current job
  2. Room for growth in your company

While you can grow in your current position, you also want the opportunity for promotions and growth within your company. Plus, this could lead to pay raises!

Find a Job with Good Management

You do not want to be stuck working for a bad boss. Period. Regardless of what you are doing, good management is an extremely important aspect of your job and professional satisfaction.

Having the right boss that works with you, that you get along with, and that you enjoy working with is a great part of a job. A good boss makes your job more enjoyable, and goes into finding work that you are good at and a job with opportunities to grow.

Flexible Scheduling is a Must

Finally, if it is an option available for your career path, flexible scheduling is a must. While flexibility isn’t inherent in every job, it is something to look for when choosing a job and a company.

Flexible scheduling can help increase productivity, plus it can reduce employee turnover. If you are happy where you are working, and have a boss that works with the unavoidable (doctor’s appointments, at least a few vacation days), you are a lot less likely to look for another company.

Like we said, while a high salary and healthcare benefits are obviously desirable in a career, there are other things that go into finding where you really want to work. Keeping in mind your schedule, the people you are working with, and whether you like your job is important.

We completely understand that finding a perfect job might take a couple tries. That is why we have collected a list of work from home job opportunities.

If you can’t seem to find the right job for you, check out our article on The Top 5 Work from Home Job Opportunities.

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