The Top Ten Apps to Organize Your Work Life

Ever wanted to be one of those people that artfully organizes their notes, shows up early to every meeting, and still manages to have free time at the end of the day? 

Apps to help you organize your work life can help. 

If you’re looking for an app while working on a team, Trello is a great organizational platform that allows you to message, set due dates, and prioritize tasks. 


Trello allows you to collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. With boards, lists, and cards Trello maximizes productivity and organization, all while building a team-spirit and great work ethic. 

From meetings to projects to goal setting, Trello allows teams to quickly set up and customize workflows, with task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, calendars and more. Cards allow every task to be managed, tracked, and shared with teammates, while automation takes care of tedious tasks to save time. 

You can also synchronize and integrate apps like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and DropBox with Trello. 

On a more personal level, there are a number of apps that can help keep your work life clutter-free. 


Evernote is a great note-taking app that increases your productivity ten-fold. This app can help you, or your team, keep track of to-do lists, note-taking, research, projects and management, photos, drawings, and anything else you utilize on a day to day basis. 

You can keep your notes handy by syncing your notes between devices, you can add text, images, and PDFs to your notes, and you can find what you need, when you need it. With a great internal search platform, Evernote allows you to stay organized when it’s important. 

According to a review by Well + Good,

Consider Evernote  to be your go-to hub for not just to-do lists but all of your notes. The organizational possibilities are expansive, and everything syncs across all of your devices that have the app enabled, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Evernote – Well + Good

Can you imagine anything better for remembering what your boss said during that hour-long meeting? 

Time Timer

Sometimes though, even with a to-do list, it can be hard to stay on top of things. That’s why an app like Time Timer is a great download. If you have trouble focusing, this app can help direct your attention to completing your tasks in a reasonable amount of time. 

Time Timer

This app is perfect for school, work, home, or the gym, and with a simple swipe of your finger you can start improving your time management skills. To stay motivated, combine this timer app with a few breaks throughout the day. Once you’ve completed a task, grab a snack, take a quick walk, or browse social media for a few minutes. 

Avoiding getting overwhelmed is extremely important when it comes to productivity. Managing your time while multitasking is tough, but this app helps you get it done without the stress. 


Of course, a simple calendar app can be helpful as well. If you ever struggle with keeping track of meeting times, or accidentally scheduling more than one commitment at a time, Calendly is a great app to help streamline your time. 

Calendly allows you to schedule meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of emailing. By plugging in your Calendly availability, sharing your link, and booking a time, Calendly makes it easy to get in contact at work. 

With automatic reminders and the avoidance of time conflicts, Calendly saves time, improves productivity, and makes you look professional and prepared. 


Along with setting up meetings, it is important to know who you are talking to (and how you know them). Ever been approached by someone at work and had to awkwardly fake a conversation? Do you forget names at a ridiculous rate? Cloze can help. This contact manager provides an all-in-one network of your contacts, provides social network capabilities, and allows you to email. 

By combining details from social media, email, and your inputs, this app allows you to stay up to date and in contact with the business world. 

Cloze can automatically keep track of your emails, phone calls, text messages, meetings, documents, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. By organizing your contacts, without any busy work or required inputs, Cloze allows you to keep your contacts put together and organized. 

If you find yourself needing a new contact app, and needing to schedule important follow-ups and meetings, Cloze is the app for you. 


If you ever find yourself needing to manage social media posts (be it working for a marketing agency, running a business from home, or just keeping in touch with family and friends) Hootsuite is a great addition to your organizational apps. 

Hootsuite allows you to save time by scheduling posts across all your social networks in just a few clicks. Automatically scheduling your content saves time, allows you to plan, and allows you to review posts in a simple calendar view before posting. 

According to a marketing coordinator,

I am saving so much time by being able to schedule my posts in one place for different social media platforms.

Hootsuite – Marketing Coordinator

Not only can you manage your social media, you can reach more people and keep an eye on the latest social conversations, trends, and brand mentions. 

Google Drive

For more management of important files, Google Drive allows you to stay organized and in sync. As a multi-functional platform, Google Drive allows you to share files, store them in a cloud, and collaborate remotely.

For someone who works on lots of group projects, there is nothing more beneficial than a place where everyone can collaborate. And, with 5GB of free storage, Google Drive is perfect if you don’t want to spend any extra money. 

Available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Web, Google Drive is accessible and easy to use. 

My Fitness Pal

If you have managed to organize your files and to-do lists, now you have some time for fun. While trying to schedule some time to exercise between meetings, work, and other commitments can be a challenge, My Fitness Pal can help. By allowing you to track what you eat, how much you exercise, and your weight, My Fitness Pal provides you with all the health tools you need. 

Not only can you track what you are eating, this app provides recipes and ideas to help make your cooking healthier. Along with exercise videos, routines, and articles, the combination of features on My Fitness Pal makes it easy to manage your health along with your other commitments. 

Additionally, you can connect with over 50 apps to help support a healthier lifestyle. Some of these apps include Garmin, Samsung Health, FitBit, Apple HealthKit, and MapMyRun. Whatever form of exercise you enjoy, My Fitness Pal supports it and helps you schedule it. 


If you need someone (or something) to keep you committed to your exercise goals, Runkeeper will do it! This app offers insights, workouts, and trainer guidance to help you meet whatever your fitness goals may be. 

The Runkeeper app helps you set goals, train for them, provides customized training plans and workouts, and tracks your runs and progress along the way. With special tools like playlists, goals, distance tracking, and social challenges, this app is sure to keep you motivated. 


Finally, with collaboration, to-do lists, emails, social media, file-sharing, and fitness taken care of, considering your mental health is important too. Headspace is one of the most well-known mediation apps available, and with hundreds of guided meditations, mini-meditations, and SOS meditations, it is easy to fit into your schedule. 

Even if you have never meditated (or, like me, can’t clear your mind) this app will walk you through the process of calming down. With guided sessions, it is easy to understand meditation and its uses. 

Healthy living doesn’t just include your body, it also includes your mind. Feeling calm, collected, and in control will improve your health, improve your productivity, and make you happier. 

When your mind and body are in sync, it is easy to stay organized, take advantage of some of the apps in this article, and save time to enjoy yourself. 

Check out these apps at the links below: 

  1. Trello
  2. Evernote
  3. Time Timer
  4. Calendly
  5. Cloze
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Google Drive
  8. My Fitness Pal
  9. Runkeeper
  10. Headspace
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