Inkless Pens: Yes, They Exist

If you, like me, had never heard of inkless pens before now, it will come as a surprise that you can actually write without using ink, led, or anything similar.

A major benefit of inkless pens, besides their longevity, is that the ‘ink’ doesn’t smear. Because these pens don’t use the standard ink in your Bic BallPoint pen, they are smudge-proof, non-erasable, and water-resistant.

One special inkless pen, the 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano provides a pen that works indefinitely, without the need to refill ink cartridges or repurchase. Rather, the pen uses ethergraf, a patented metallic alloy that oxidizes the paper, resembling the process that a pencil uses.

Similar to how a touchscreen stylus works on an iPad or tablet, this pen alters the writing surface without being altered itself. While the tip may wear out over time, the effect is gradual enough that most users won’t notice. 

While this pen, for $120, is one of the best available on the market, there are a number of other inkless pens that may fit your writing style, work habits, or needs, as well.

The Beta An Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pen is designed to avoid smudging and refills, making it useful and eco-friendly. This pen claims to write for a lifetime on all types of paper, without drying up or leaking. Additionally, the materials, while patented, are environmentally and health-friendly with no toxic materials or chemicals.

For between 19.95 € and 24.95 € (around $30 USD), these pens are fairly affordable and last a lifetime.

Around the same price, the Napkin Forever Prima offers a pen with no ink required, no sharpening, and no refills. This pen provides a precise mark like a pencil, rather than a wider or smudged line, and an elegant design fit to be used in the office.

Though this pen is made in Italy, you can get it on Amazon for $39.00.

The Inkless Metal Beta Pen by Vat19 features a special metal alloy tip, similar to the Pininfarina, allowing tiny amounts of metal to be deposited onto the page. While the markings resemble a pencil, they are permanent and smudge-proof, similar features to the pens listed above. 

Most Inkless pens will work on any writing surface, and it can be used in any condition, so is great for artists, doodlers, or office employees. 

For a slightly less standard style, the Napkin Forever Cuban Inkless Pen offers an ergonomic design and hand-made, fashionable finishes.

Compact and comfortable to hold, this pen is perfect for an office environment. Without taking up space on your desk to have a stack of pencils, pens and highlighters, this pen offers endless ink.

Available in multiple colors and materials, for around $30.00 you can have a custom, stylish pen in your pocket.

So yes, inkless pens actually exist. You can write without ink, led, or anything similar, a great option if you find yourself running through pens like crazy. With smudge-proof ‘ink,’ fashionable and ergonomic designs, and many price point options, an inkless pen is a great purchase for your home office.

Check out a few of the options at the links below:

  1. Pininfarina Cambiano
  2. Beta An Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pen
  3. Napkin Forever Prima
  4. Inkless Metal Beta Pen
  5. Napkin Forever Cuban Inkless Pen

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