Mac or PC? Which Should You Get and Why?

Should you get a Mac or a PC? Is one better than the other? Does one offer different or better hardware and software?

The answer is a little more complex than ‘yes, you should get a Mac’ or ‘no, you should get a PC, instead.’ The debate on which product to buy has been going on effectively since Apple and Microsoft became companies. Especially considering how similar their products are becoming, it can be complicated to choose between the two, particularly if you aren’t a ‘techie’ person.

While there is no wrong answer, as both companies offer good products, the answer comes down to what you are going to use your computer for and what features are important to you.

Main Software Differences

While the products look inherently different, the software (or operating systems) work a little differently too.

Mac Computer Software

One of the major benefits of getting a Mac computer is the connectivity. MacOS allows you to connect your iPhone, your iPad (if you have one), your Apple Watch, and your Apple TV. Without any required cords or connection devices, it is easy to send and receive messages, AirDrop files to and from devices, and connect other services.

PC Computer Software

Contrarily, Microsoft doesn’t offer as many popular options for phones and tablets. This means that connectivity may be a bigger challenge, because you are likely working with both Apple and Microsoft products.

However, Microsoft products do have one huge benefit – Microsoft 365, which comes with most of their computers. Whereas Apple uses Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, Microsoft uses Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Excel.

In any business, Microsoft is typically the most user-friendly and easily transferable platform. In fact, many places require access to these programs in order to properly complete tasks and communicate throughout the company.

While Apple products now have the ability to download these apps, there are some features and functionalities that don’t quite transfer well, creating complications.

So if you are in school, or in a job, where things like Excel are used frequently, it may be best to get a Windows product. This makes it easy to download the required software, and easy to use it to its full capacity.

Main Appearance Differences

Outside of software and program differences, Mac and PC products look different, as well. While, at this point, both are sleek and modern, Apple is known to have popular products that are signals of wealth, popularity, and status.

Mac Computer Appearance

One Apple option, the MacBook Air in Gold, offers a sleek, small, and lightweight computer with great processing power.

With a Retina display with True Tone color accuracy, you never have to worry about how things appear on screen. Plus, with a Backlit Magic Keyboard, it is easy to see and use these keys. One other benefit of Apple products is the typically larger mousepad. While laptops don’t have traditional “computer mice” the touchpad is large and easy to use, particularly for such a small device. Plus, with Apple’s easy connectivity features, bluetooth mice are easy to connect and use with a laptop, if that is your preference.

PC Computer Appearance

While Apple and Microsoft products used to have more disparate features, the image below demonstrates their current similarities. The Surface Pro 7 allows you to utilize a combination of a tablet, computer, mouse, and pen all at once. With an easily connectible keypad, rich color accuracy (and rich color options for your cover, mouse, and pen), and a high-resolution 12.3 inch PixelSense Display and touchscreen, this product offers the best of every world.

Functionality Differences

While appearance features go into functionality, and we have already mentioned a few key differences in the availability of touch screens, the usability of mice, and the general connectivity of the Mac and PC products, we have a few more things to mention.

Mac Computer Functionality

As far as functionality goes, the new MacBook Pro is one of the best performing devices available. Apple’s M1 chip gives the 13-inch MacBook Pro speed and power beyond what is considered typical of personal computing devices. With up to 2.8x CPU (computer processing unit) performance and up to 5x the graphics speeds of other available products, this is a perfect computer for anyone in a graphic design or artistically based field.

The strong processing power and 20 hour battery life (the longest of any Mac computer ever) give the computer functionality and ease of use. Plus, with the power of macOS Big Sur, the computer comes with industry-leading privacy features and security protection.

PC Computer Functionality

Microsoft computers have a number of great features, including their 60-day return policy on Surface products. Plus, with free expert help, digital workshops, and remote learning opportunities, it is easy to get the hang of the new features your device offers.

The Surface Pro 7 (and other surface products) are set at a good angle for viewing with a built-in, adjustable kickstand, come with Intel Core processing power, have all-day battery life, and connect with HD cameras and studio microphones. Especially helpful for our new Zoom-friendly work world!

If you are looking for great processing speed, and a tablet that can turn into a desktop PC, this is a great choice. Plus, with Studio Mics, Dolby Audio sound, and HD Cameras (like previously mentioned) it is easy to stay connected and keep up with everything required at work. The Microsoft 365 plan helps out with this, as well!

Which Should You Pick?

To sum this up in a little bit of a better list, here are a few of the benefits to keep in mind.

Pros of a Mac

  • Great connectivity features between products
  • Sleek, lightweight style
  • Color accuracy and high processing speeds
  • Good battery life
  • Perfect graphics for any artistic field

Pros of a PC

  • Microsoft 365 accessibility
  • Easy to use touchpad, tablet pen, and mouse
  • 60-day return policy
  • All-day battery life
  • Great sound system

Consider what you really need. Is status important to you? Is the ease of picking up and carrying around your device important?

Do you work in a graphic design field where color accuracy is super important to your work? Do you need something that functions as a tablet and a computer, or would you prefer to keep those devices separate?

Go back through the descriptions of the devices above, consider what is important to you, and think about what you will use your computer for. This should help narrow down your options, or at least help you select a brand.

And once you’ve done that, let us know which you picked on social media or through our Office Upgraded email!

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